Wake up to the present moment with self care via the app Headspace


Hello there readers! Happy September to you. I hope that your summers have been fulfilling in just the right ways for you all.


Professionally, I have increased my counselling days per week to 4, and am providing vocational rehabilitation services 1 – 2 days per week. With this change, I wanted it to be gradual so that I could serve my clients and referral sources best. Change too quick and becoming too busy too fast in different ways, could have been stressful. It could have impacted my ability to be present for clients and therefore, successful with clients. ¬†So, I didn’t blog too much, and personally, I made sure to use my favourite meditation app regularly¬†— Headspace!

I recommend Headspace to all of my clients.


When you download the app you are provided with 10 free, 10 minute meditations. The app helps you to remind yourself to take the time to, in a sense, ‘wake-up’ to the present moment. Pressing the proverbial “stop button” and slowing down to make time for self care is essential; we know this! Doing this is a whole other matter entirely.

When we learn that mind chatter is normal, and anxiety is normal too (in some levels anyways), and learn to bring awareness to our thoughts or feelings, and then gently come back to the present moment via the breath and points of contact, we are provided with the tools we need to better manage any thing that may come our way in life, be it stresses, positive or negative, recovering from accidents, medical diagnoses, and the list goes on.


In sessions with me, you’ll find that I always focus some time on psycho-education regarding the autonomic nervous system and the stress response and the science behind integrating mindfulness into your life. Out of our treatment sessions, Headspace brings rather cute and informative animations, the facts and science of meditation on our health, and a clear how-to guide on integrating mindfulness into our lives as regularly as possible.


Thanks for checking in. There will be more blogs to come, more regularly, and I hope they are at the least entertaining and overall informative and helpful.