11 Muscle Group Relaxation Exercise

If you have experienced a motor vehicle accident or sudden loss, an abrupt change in your life, anything traumatic, or if you tend to be a “worrier,” you may like this classic relaxation exercise. You may also like this exercise if you are a human living in the modern world. In a nutshell this exercise is truly for us all!

It can help with falling asleep, getting out of our heads and into our body, and manage and decrease pain and stress. The healing process is turned on for both our mental health and/or physical injuries.

I have been using this exercise with clients for about 10 years and it’s a real favourite. It not only helps us to release tension and promote healing in the body by turning on the parasympathetic nervous system, it can help us to mindfully become aware of when and where we are creating and/or holding tension in the body.

This exercise also gives us a brain map to release that tension and reset ourselves. We develop the muscle memory of relaxation so that it becomes readily available to us. We can mindfully apply these techniques any time we need.

When we reset the body, we’re able to reset the mind and hopefully create a more positive feedback loop. We come out of the autopilot we maybe on, or drop free from a narrative, and come to a place of witnessing our experience. The space is created in our minds and bodies to feel peace, heal, and progress in the ways we want.

Many of my clients have asked me make this video, so here you go, and thank you for the inspiration!

My Best Wishes,